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Friday, July 01, 2005

a beginning?

well...i've done it

i've finally succumbed to the lure decided to create a blog...good grief...

(seeing if i can edit this so the original post shows as july 1st...if not, at least i know i began it on that date :-))

it's a kind of an interesting coincidence (at least to me) that i began this on july 1st...it was my mother's birthday, and i'm hoping that bodes well.

mom felt she was a "frustrated artist" and when i was in college, she took a big step and decided to take art classes. after various successes in different classes, she finally settled on watercolors as her media of choice, and was, at least in my opinion, good at it. i wish i'd told her that more often.

she left us abruptly, taken by cancer 12 years ago...so many things left to do...but at least she'd tried...and i really respected her for that...which kind of leads back to why i thought my starting a blog on her birthday was interesting (consider yourselves warned...i do tend to take roundabout routes to make points!)

where i've used my 'artistic' skills in one form or another (no comment on my "success") over the years, there's always been a little part of me that wanted to write--not that i thought i COULD write well--but there seemed to be a "need" to try, a bit of that "frustrated" feeling that mom had about art, but that i never acted on...until now.  it seems fitting to me to have started on her birthday, though it really wasn't planned. bit silly i suppose, but i hope somehow mom knows that i am, in some odd way, taking that same leap she did, and that she'd understand.

don't worry (if anyone actually reads this)...this blog will be about fibery things (at least at this point about knitting and spinning) not a place where you're subjected to crappy amateurish experiments in literature ;-)...i'll just be using blogging as an excuse to ramble 'on paper'.

i took this picture years ago of a rosebush in our backyard. it was called 'pristine'...it's long since gone to the dump compost heap, and cannot be replaced as apparently jackson-perkins doesn't cultivate it anymore, which is a pity. it was lovely and figured in some of mom's artwork...the pic reminds me a lot of her.

happy birthday mom...i miss you

more soon...i'll have to try and come up with a bit of an introduction, some background, and maybe a little glimpse of the zillions of projects i have going...thanks for stopping by :-)


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