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Sunday, May 14, 2006

dear lisa,

...maker of my sockapaloooza socks:

here, finally are the photos i promised. somehow i managed to miss that you were hoping to show them off to your colleagues this weekend *gulp*, so i hope this isn't entirely too late...i also hope you won't be too terribly disappointed in the quality of the photos--i didn't have very good luck :-\ i can try again and send them to you privately if you like (well, if i can find an email addy for you)

per usual, click to get full sized photos

maggie's tulips socks

Pattern:"Maggie's Tulips", a pattern Lisa created for me, based on
Wendy Johnson's Generic Toe Up Sock Pattern and her recent use of Feather and Fan for the cuffs, modified to fit. she says the socks were inspired by the tulips on Michigan Avenue in Chicago (which are planted all over the city because Maggie Daley (the mayor's wife) loves tulips)

Yarn: Regia 4-ply, color 5439 (definitely tulip-y colors!)

tulip closeup

this shows the photo of the tulips she printed out as the header for her letter to me, and a close up of the cuff pattern (probably the best representation of the colors in the yarn)

Lisa also included a "create your own picasso" postcard, and a set of very clever combo pin/stitch markers to make it easier to keep track of marked stitches (these are exactly what i needed for a sweater i'm working on! (the cloud cardigan for dulaan) pdf alert for those who have trouble with them)

lisa's invention

this last photo is pretty crappy horrid not very good...i was having a hard time tonight getting a decent photo of the socks "on", and this was the best i could manage--the socks DO fit, i'm just having a bit of a problem with leg swelling at the moment *sigh*

thank you very much, Lisa, for everything :-) the socks are lovely and just the thing to cheer up the currently gloomy michigan weather!

thanks also to alison for successfully wrangling another sock exchange, and to the 'sock sisters' who helped her out!


  • At May 17, 2006 3:26 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    Thanks so much for the kind words and the great pictures! I'd love to have you send them - the address is lrlowrance at ameritech.net. And I'm so glad they fit!


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