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Sunday, April 23, 2006

i said "don't look ethel susie peacock sockapaloooza-ers"...

Edited: because i'm apparently unable to read *sigh*...sock mailing date is May 2nd, not the 1st...so you've got an extra day (at least by my timer lol)

..."but it was tooooooooo late"*

Get your own countdown at BlingyBlob.com
yeesh...this one's more accurate, but also more frightening...

progress proceeds apace (in other words, i've been working on the socks)...but there's still quite a ways to go still *sigh*

per usual, click to get full sized photos

second sockapaloooza photo

another second photo...tough to photograph socks on magic loop

on a more positive note, however, is a sunset shot for sandy (though i doubt she'll see it, so it's equally for anyone who enjoys sunsets...or just happened to stop by)...

april sunset in michigan

it makes me feel a little better...it's hard to worry too much about the perversity of socks or much of anything when watching the colors change in a sunset...

back to the grindstone socks...

*if you recognize the reference, you're either reasonably close to my age, or you like odd music too ;-)


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