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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mrs. Peacock...in the Conservatory...with a Highlighter

(great name katy!)

(these pics have been 'borrowed' from susie, dyer (AND spinner) extraordinaire, until i receive the yarn and take my own shots)

she dyed this gorgeous stuff for me for my sockapaloooza socks...just hope the recipient likes the color as much as i do :-)

i'm really thrilled that susie was willing to do this for me--she does great work, and she's a busy lady--she has an etsy shop (PerchanceToKnit) and has just recently joined the creative sellers at kpixie! (i'm going to have a blast saying 'i knew her when' lol)

now i just have to come up with a pair of socks to suit this yarn and my sock pal...hmmmm...;-)

[edit: the kpixie link now points directly to susie's yarns]


  • At March 10, 2006 11:35 PM, Anonymous Susie said…

    Laurie...this yarn is for you...it's yours. I'll gladly dye anything else you'd like for your S'p'oooza pal...but this one's for you. Make something delish just for yourself, 'k?



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