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Monday, January 16, 2006

sheesh...late again

"A" is for...ASHFORD!
a is for...

(sorry for the poor quality of the photo...somehow i thought putting it up on the bed would be an easier shot, but i didn't think about it blending with the paneling!)

santa, with the assistance of a couple big sneaky elves, conspired to get me the wheel i'd planned to buy myself post-Christmas *very big grin*
apparently the majority of staff (and a number of customers lol) were all in cahoots, and knew this was going to be in my stocking...and not ONE of them let on!

needless to say i was stunned Christmas morning...

it seems that "A" is also for Alpaca, as that happened to be the first fiber i grabbed to test out my new toy ;-)

a is for...

this is charcoal Handspinner's Dream from Alpaca With A Twist, an incredibly soft, silky baby alpaca...probably not the smartest thing for me to start practicing with (i've not used a double treadle before, and it's a slick fiber), but it's sooooooooo lovely! i'm hoping to eventually get close to a consistent laceweight singles...wishful thinking? lol

i best start figuring out what i'm gonna use for "b" ;-)


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