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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

various updates

Knitting Olympics:
Knitter down:
3 day time penalty for misuse of a gauge swatch--participant has been required to rip out all completed knitting and begin again with the suggested needles.
(grr...i told you gauge swatches LIE...thanks, guys, for measuring and trying to make it work...at least i wasn't farther along)

Team Michigan:

LynnH of ColorJoy! has organized Team Michigan for the Knitter's Olympics, and was kind enough to allow me to join and not to mind me double-teaming :o) i got to spend some time earlier tonight knitting (and commiserating? lol) with fellow teammate Rob, who is working on a most fearful/wonderful Dale ski sweater...and i don't envy him THIS challenge one little bit (but i can't wait to see it finished!)


another washout (at least temporarily)...cara needed the final update by 12am february 14th, and i really did try (despite not hearing back from her about my feb 1st update--no biggie she's a busy bunny), but i just couldn't manage the 3+ inches i still needed to complete before midnight...on top of which, i've got that 'running out of yarn' feeling again :oi'll still complete them (if i can, as there's no way to match the yarn if i run out...i suppose i'll have to sub in something else), and if anyone still gives a rat's, i'll post pics then...but i'm out of the running for the KAL...it was fun though...thinking lucky thoughts for those who did finish :o)

i've gotten a number of boxes full of goodies lately, some ordered (from susie at PerchanceToKnit, and from diana at Artemis Imaging) and 2 from the land where martian cows run rampant ;o) i've got some photographing to do before i can post about them, but will do so soon. (tahlia, you have incredible timing...you gave some much needed joy tonight to a very blue person...i still can't thank you enough...but i'll try!)

and lastly...my concession to the "holiday"...wishing whoever might stray upon this blog a happy valentine's day:

(generated here...easy way to waste a few mins)


  • At February 20, 2006 10:27 PM, Anonymous Susie said…

    Hey...it's almost time for a trip to Michigan's knitting mecca...I'll give you the particulars as soon as I have them.

    Can't wait to see your face!



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