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Sunday, February 26, 2006

"...and the finish line is in sight...it looks like she's going to make it!" ;-)

the sweater is nearly complete--all knitting is finished, all that remains is two longish seams (total about 28", but they'll go quickly) and the running-in of the ends, which could be an olympic event in its own right ;-)

it's currently blocking (i always forget how long it takes for cotton to dry), and considering the time, i think i'll wait to start the seaming til tomorrow, especially considering how late (early? lol) i was up last night/this morning...

i'll probably take it over to the shop, where there's good company (and a Mardi Gras sale all weekend...wheee!) and work on it there...regardless, it should be finished well before the end of the ceremony...and, despite being sick to death of flat-worked-stockinette, i'm pleased with my accomplishment.

unfortunately there is one major minor drawback--now it's going to be known i can finish a sweater in less than 6 months ;-)

i can't wait to see what sort of medal franklin (he who is to create our gold medals) comes up with--i enjoy reading his blog (confirmed lurker though) and LOVE his drawings, particularly the sheepy ones...my medal will probably be as close as i'll ever come to getting one of his drawings though, as i doubt i'd have the intestinal fortitude to ask if he'd even consider doing one 'on commission', not to mention being able to come up with compensation...so the medal will have to do :-) (but PLEASE...no plated surplus CDs? ;-))

more details/pictures/etc later today, or maybe monday, depending on whether or not i can twist someone's arm persuade a kind soul at the shop to model the sweater for me. :-)

lol i'm showing my age now...i've got an old spandau ballet song running thru my head...anyone else remember "gold"?

definitely feeling gold tonight :-)


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