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Friday, June 16, 2006

"the rumors of my untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated" **

i was ever so gently thwacked reminded yesterday that it's been a month since i've posted here....


i've been keeping up with my blog reading, but somehow it didn't register that i hadn't posted anything in ages...and apparently the blog refuses to write itself...silly blog

if anyone is still out there reading, i'll get back into the swing of this again soon...i've got a little something keeping me occupied at the moment:

per usual, click to get full sized photos

sweater detail

for some reason this color didn't photograph well, so i had to do some adjustments in Paintshop...it's better than the original, but the true color is a tad more "gray-ed"...hopefully i can get some more accurate shots once it's finished.

imho this yarn is incredible to work with (i am such a sucker for soft yarn, as certain persons are very well aware lol) and is very aptly named! the pattern is fun and well written, with more than enough 'detail' to keep my interest up...but more on that another time

anyway...in case you were wondering...i'm still around...and i'll try not to wait so long to post again ;-)

**deliberately misquoting Mark Twain--i know this isn't quite how he worded it...but i like this variation better ;-)


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