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Saturday, July 01, 2006

an experiment in bribery...

[edit: to add and replace photos...i think the colors of the yarns are better in these]

i've noticed (as many have) that having a contest or some sort of giveaway tends to draw readers (at least temporarily)...so i'm going to try and see what happens if i do

we have for your appraisal 2 skeins of (imho) very nice yarn--colors in photos are as accurate as i could manage (methinks it may be time to start considering a new camera grrf)

exhibit a:
Mountain Goat
Mountain Colors "Mountain Goat" in the colorway 'Glacier Teal'.
230 yards of soft slightly fuzzy yarn...55% mohair, 45% wool
enough yarn for any number of Mountain Colors patterns (and theoretically for a pair of Fuzzyfeet though i haven't tried it yet...that was the original intention for this skein)

exhibit b:
Cherry Tree Hill "Supersock", Potluck 'Blues/Purples' (color is still not quite right, the purples refuse to show up nicely...but this is a little better)
420 yards of 100% superwash merino, an ideal way to pamper anyone's feet
patterns galore out there for this type of yarn, not only for socks but also for baby garments and so on.

your mission, should you choose to accept it:

simply leave me a comment...doesn't have to be anything special, just say hello (the crickets around here are getting deafening ;-))

i'll make a list of the names (after i come online sunday, whatever time that might be), assign numbers then head over to ye olde random number generator...first number/name gets their choice of yarn, a second will get the other.

sound doable? we'll find out :-)

Le Tour de Fleece update, day 1:
i've been wanting to get myself into the habit of spinning for at least a little while every day, so this event is the ideal opportunity to get started. i'll be starting out fairly simply with these:

a Kundert spindle, and some Brown Sheep roving, hand-dyed by one of the gals in our monthly spinning group...she said she was 'using up all her blue dyes' and came up with these little poufs of gorgeousness, one of which she just handed to me, saying she'd never get it all spun :-)

i don't plan to stick to one particular type of wool/fiber or spinning device (i'll be using my wheel as well) during the 'race'...i just want to spin for the fun of it, and varying what i spin should add to it!

and finally...

well...it's already been a year since i started blogging :-| i haven't done the best job at keeping up with it, and i'm not sure it's entirely what i set out to do or if there's reason to keep on...but for the time being at least, i'm still here...me and the crickets ;-)

i wrote the following last year in my first blog post...another year gone and i still miss her :-(
i took this picture years ago of a rosebush in our backyard. it was called 'pristine'...it's long since gone to the dump compost heap, and cannot be replaced as apparently Jackson & Perkins doesn't cultivate it anymore, which is a pity. it was lovely and figured in some of mom's artwork...the pic reminds me a lot of her.

happy birthday mom...i miss you



  • At July 01, 2006 8:51 AM, Anonymous Sharon said…

    I am tearing myself away from gazing at my granddaughter in adoration to leave a chirp for you. The crickets here in Spokane say hi to your crickets.

  • At July 01, 2006 9:05 AM, Blogger Snooze said…

    You know this is true love, don't you? I read a jillion blogs on Bloglines and never leave comments. Well, okay...sometimes I do. But only for special people...like you...


  • At July 01, 2006 9:22 AM, Blogger Jenn said…

    I am another who reads a lot but never commenets. Snooze sent me here, so I added you to my bloglines :-)

  • At July 01, 2006 9:33 AM, Anonymous keri said…

    Snooze sent me out here too... I wanted to say hi!

  • At July 01, 2006 10:35 AM, Blogger trek said…

    Snooze sent me too.

  • At July 01, 2006 11:31 AM, Anonymous Michelle said…

    What a beautiful flower!

  • At July 01, 2006 11:38 AM, Blogger Mel said…

    The crickets in Oklahoma say hi to your crickets in Michigan. And the frogs say hi too! (I live near a creek.)


  • At July 01, 2006 1:41 PM, Blogger jenknits said…

    Yep, Snooze sent me too and I've added you to my Bloglines so I can read your posts regularly. Enjoy the Tour de Fleece!

  • At July 01, 2006 2:25 PM, Blogger Vicki Knitorious said…

    That Snooze... she has influence, that one!

    Hey from across the lake.

  • At July 01, 2006 2:56 PM, Anonymous marianne said…

    clicked over here from Snooze's blog. *waves hello*

  • At July 01, 2006 4:27 PM, Blogger Pammi said…

    Hi just wanted to hi and let you know that I read and see your blog even on Snooze blog. Love the yarn and should would love to win one. HAHA

  • At July 01, 2006 5:11 PM, Blogger PBnJ said…

    Hi. Chirp chirp from Colorado! :)
    Have fun with your spinning!

  • At July 01, 2006 6:39 PM, Anonymous Dani said…

    Another bloglines reader (AND Snooze reader, so I get double points *s*) saying hi from over here on Long Island.

  • At July 01, 2006 8:21 PM, Blogger Jane said…

    I got here by way of Snooze's blog too. I've made several pair of Fuzzy Feet - my DH loves them but goes through a pair in less than two months {sigh}

  • At July 01, 2006 10:25 PM, Blogger Sorka said…

    ooooh what a beautiful rose.. and the yarn isn't bad either!

  • At July 01, 2006 10:47 PM, Blogger StampinShelly said…

    I came here from snooze's. Loved reading your blog. I didn't know about bloglines. Yippee! An easier way to read the gazillion blogs I read every day! Thanks! Keep on bloggin'...

  • At July 01, 2006 11:02 PM, Blogger Kathy said…

    I guess I'm a lemming because Snooze sent me, too. I've added you to my Bloglines, too.

    I'm also from Colorado, so I guess I have nothing new to contribute.

    Glad to have 'met' you and look forward to blogstalking you. :)

  • At July 02, 2006 4:00 AM, Anonymous Susanne said…

    Here is a big hello from Canada on our special day of "Canada Day"..
    hope you have a wonderful "4th"!

  • At July 02, 2006 9:36 AM, Blogger laughingrat said…

    Hello! Have to admit I found my way over through a link to your contest. :) That spindle is really nice...I should stick around, I'm a *really* novice spinner and can use any tips that spinning blogs offer! :)

  • At July 02, 2006 10:19 AM, Blogger Tracey, in MI said…

    Purple+ blue?

    Well, hello to you!;)

    Lame, but it's a comment- what can I say?

  • At July 02, 2006 1:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Do you hear the crickets here in Georgia? I knew you could. Okay - I'm running back to stand in front of the air conditioner for awhile - hot hot hot here today. Hope you are having a blessed day.


  • At July 02, 2006 1:35 PM, Anonymous amanda cathleen said…

    Snooze sent me too, I have to tell you that your tour de Fleece challenge is going to be gorgeous. I love the colors!

  • At July 02, 2006 2:39 PM, Blogger Kat said…

    Well, hello there - nice blog. I am not as excited about the Tour this year sans Lance. It is not quite the same. Hope you are having a fantastic 4th holiday.

  • At July 02, 2006 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anne said…

    We don't have crickets over this side of the big pond, though I think its hot enough tonight for them. Happy 4th.


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