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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

update...of a sort

it's a piddling little thing, compared to all that's happened in the world lately (i won't even try to get into that...i don't have the words)
...merely a trifle...hardly anything really...but in my little corner of the world it's disastrous

...and i knew better than to wait this long to find out...

remember that "horrible sneaky suspicion" i had about not having enough yarn?

yup you got it...there's no way i have enough left to complete the second *sound of hair being ripped out by the handful*
i even got the scale out and weighed the finished sock vs the partial plus remainder of yarn...no dice

soooooooooo...guess what i'm going to be doing frantically for the next few days/week because per usual i was stupid enough to leave this project til the last minute argh

rippit...rippit...rippit...i'll have to shorten the leg in the first one and hope that's enough to make the difference.

one small bright note: i should be able now to do them both on two circs, so that might speed things along...at least i hope so.

since my camera is off on vacation without me being borrowed, you won't be treated to the pathetic image of a tear-drenched crinkled pile of red yarn...or anything else for that matter.

thanks much to those of you who have visited recently and made nice comments on the victim previously completed sock...keep your fingers crossed for me that the completed pair is suitable to send to someone expecting nice socks *sigh*


  • At September 07, 2005 4:56 PM, Blogger Peacock said…

    If the sock recipient can handle a little bit of chaos, you could make the toes in a contrasting color.. or if they can handle a significant amount of chaos, you could make the second sock have stripes of a different color! ... hope these ideas help. If not for this current project, then for a different one along the way. Hugs!!


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