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Friday, January 06, 2006

i'm right here, rox ;-) *

...just haven't been keeping up, blogwise (or anywhere else really, but we won't discuss that lol)

as someone pointed out, what one does on New Year's Day "sets" what one will be doing for the rest of the year...so of course, i started multiple projects ;-)

one for the wheel...

one long overdue *sigh* ...

one for the shop...

and even one for me lol

we'll see how long it takes me to get them all finished! ;-)

yes, surprisingly enough, i did start all of those (though i knit farther on a couple before i managed to get pictures taken) on january first...even made it to the shop for a little while, just to ensure i'd be spending time there, too (sorry guys, no luck keeping me away...told you you'd have to lock me out *grin*)

i'll try to get back into a more regular posting mode, and get caught up as well...soon...but not tonight lol

*this refers to a comment recently left...have to admit i'm a bit surprised anyone noticed ;-)


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