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Sunday, November 20, 2005

it was a dark and stormy night*

[auuuuggggggghhhhh...i thought i'd posted this the other day...must have resaved as a draft instead...observant i am not *smacking forehead*]

...and of course, this meant i had to go out argh...

tuesday i'd planned on staying home (and did), because it was a gloomy day, but remembered very late that i'd better doublecheck the weather, as i thought i'd heard rumors that we might be getting some snow. sure enough, the forecast was for high winds (yet again...it's been really bad the last few weeks), and possibly a couple inches of snow. i'm not usually that concerned about snow but this is michigan, and it can be pretty unpredictable...and i was short on several things i really didn't want to risk being without...so off i had to go, despite the late hour.

on the way in, i remembered that i hadn't gotten the mail recently, and that i'd been warned that there might be a box heading my way...so i stopped...and sure enough, there was a package from Schroedinger's ;-) Peacock, my long-suffering SET pal! she was a bit worried because she hadn't finished my socks yet, (no matter that they've been a tough order, much more than she bargained for *sigh* and, from what i've seen so far, gorgeous!) so she'd said she was going to send me a box ahead of time, just so i wouldn't feel forgotten...and here it was!

i restrained myself from ripping it open in excitement like a kid at christmas right there in the car investigating until i could get home, put the groceries away, and have something for dinner (well it WAS 1:30 in the morning...way past dinnertime lol)...such control eh? ;-)

finally, i got settled with my goodie box (i hadn't been involved with any of the secret pal thingies so this was my first experience with 'getting spoiled' in this fashion) and started opening...when i lifted the lid i was greeted by this...

first glimpse

...i moved the envelope and then the light hit the contents!


an absolutely lovely pouch, of soft shimmery glittery colorchanging dark purple fabric...i neglected to get a shot of the interior, but it's lined with a satiny violet material...haven't tried it yet, but i'm betting it would work perfectly to store my drop spindle...

that in itself would have been a lovely surprise but there was more...


a positive wealth of treats...i couldn't believe it...
-a notebook, just the size for tucking in a project bag;
-a ladybug notepad (yes this is a sheepish blog, but i have a thing for ladybugs as well...long story);
-pencils almost too pretty to sharpen;
-a painted pencil sharpener (hiding on the right under a ball of yarn);
-dpn holders (the needles are mine, couldn't resist adding them as props ;-));
-THREE balls of yarn! the one on the left is hand-dyed 'antique rayon' (i've got to ask for more details on that one!); the one on the right i suspect is the "lovingly hand-dyed misbegotten evil artificial yarn substitute" that she dyed for my socks and the third is purple mohair! (hmm...you think she might have figured out that i love purple? *grin*);
-and last, but surely not least, in a tiny box were a set of stitch markers


in lovely irridescent peacock-y shades!

the british have a wonderful word that completely describes how i felt at this
point...gobsmacked! positively utterly gobsmacked...still am as a matter of fact...i'm sitting here with a silly grin on my face remembering the experience.

thank you sooooooo much tahlia for your generosity...i'm really very touched, and feeling extremely spoiled...and i still have a pair of socks coming?! you shouldn't have...but i'm tickled that you did :-)

*however no shots rang out, despite it being deer season, and there being both deer and hunters in the area..."the maid screamed"? maid? what maid? ;-)


  • At November 21, 2005 3:56 PM, Blogger Peacock said…

    Oh, fabulous! You spin!! :) The satin-lined bag is, indeed, quite perfect for storing a drop spindle and some roving--I love the satin linings for my spindle-carrying bags because the roving doesn't stick to the satin the way it sticks to everything else!

    As for the antique rayon, I can't really tell you much more about it. I picked it up at a yarn shop in Oregon last year when they were having a get-rid-of-everything-in-the-back-room sale, and the labels that originally came with the rayon (I don't know where the labels went since) were very old and falling apart.

    What this basically means is, I don't really know how stable the rayon yarn will be over time and exposure to light. Modern rayon is pretty stable, but some of the older stuff acts weird sometimes. On the other hand, it got through the dyeing process, so maybe there's hope for it yet!



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