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Saturday, July 01, 2006

quick Le Tour update

rushing because it's movie night at the shop, and Blogger has been jerking me around with html "errors" *hmmph*


this is half of the pouf in the earlier post, spun just a little heavier than i have been doing lately. i'm going to have to have a chat with the woman who dyed this up--the roving is in incredible condition! i'm betting she combed it out after the dye job...it was very easy to spin.

did this earlier while watching North By Northwest, perhaps not the wisest genre to watch during what's supposed to be a relaxing activity lol but at least i'd finished before the final 'dangling moments' ;-) i'll get to the other half tonight or tomorrow, then 2-ply them...it may barber-pole a bit but it'll still be pretty imho...unfortunately the purple (the dark band near the whorl) refuses to show up nicely in this pic...hopefully it will once the yarn is plied. i know reds are notoriously difficult to photograph but i'm having problems with blue/purples lately

thank you all for your comments! i'm getting a kick out of reading them :-) chirp on!

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