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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

playing catch up

sheesh...nothing like letting time get away from me and forgetting to post here...even the crickets had given up hope :-(

during the last two weeks of november (and continuing, as i'm not quite finished with the projects i started *sigh*) i've mostly been working on my

Knit Unto Others

projects...not nearly as many as some folks have been able to do, but then again that sort of competition was NOT the point...it's simply to think of and knit for others for at least a few weeks out of the year.

per usual, click images to enlarge...the buttons, however, are linked back to their respective sites

1) for ebeneezer

a set of mittens and hat for little 'uns requested from my LYS's charity knitters by a local group. the mittens are finished, but the hat obviously needs a bit of work yet...it's just little though, so it won't take long :-)

ebeneezer set

2) for dulaan

one down, at least four more to go :-)

first dulaan 2007 project

3) for red scarf project

one not quite finished red(ish) scarf...it looks too narrow but will block open more (i hope)...more details on this when it's finished! (note: i can't decide whether or not this needs fringe...any opinions out there?)

red scarf unfinished

and last but hardly least...for red scarf project

some mittens (modified slightly from my gran's ancient mitten pattern) to warm chilly fingers in new york...these won't take long to finish either (missing are one thumb and 2/3 of a popsicle-colored mitt)...hopefully the colors won't be too wild! ;-)

grandma mittens heading for new york

back soon...i've got other goodies to show off ;-)



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