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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

*massive sigh of relief*

well...i've finished with a couple days to spare...apparently i CAN (much to my amazement) knit a pair of socks (or at least one-and-a-half socks) in a week.

(please excuse the keyboard...apparently it's in dire need of cleaning...yecch)

that is ALL the yarn that is left...if i'd had a spare hand i'd have been biting my nails for sure...as it was, i spent several hours muttering over and over "i'm not gonna have enough damn it!...there is no way i'm gonna have enough..."

needless to say the end was a bit nervewracking! working in the ends was a new adventure in why not to leave really short tails...there's a reason they tell you to leave 6" lol

i'll post again with a picture once they're washed/blocked...but i wanted at least a minimal post available for the last update-before-mailing ;-)


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