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Sunday, September 25, 2005

purple sockses my precioussssssssss....

wheeeeeeeee...i have new socks! *big grin*

my sockapal2za socks came on friday from jennifer...aren't they lovely!!

ooooh lavendar koigu!
(not the best pic in the world i'm afraid but i have a hard time taking decent pictures of my feet *sigh*)

i have to admit, i'd seen these when looking through the blogs of those who had completed their socks, and drooled over them really hoped they might be for me...such gorgeous colors...and they're made of KOIGU!

jennifer says this is only the second pair of socks she's completed but i'd never have known if she hadn't said--didn't she do a great job?? i'm very impressed :-)

see her blog (above) for more pictures (better than mine), and the details...she was even generous enough to send the leftover yarn for repairs etc.

thank you so much jennifer for the wonderful socks (wriggling my toeses in the cushy comfort of koigu...i understand now why people rave about socks out of this yarn!) and thanks also to alison for organizing such a fun swap (my first!)...will be watching for the next installment *grin*

it's a crappy day in the neighborhood...so i'm going back to my knitting...hope everyone's having a great weekend :-)

note: thanks to those of you who made such nice comments on the siren socks...i'm really very pleased with them :-) leslie, i'm sorry, but i wasn't the one who made your socks...i hope you found the right person though!


  • At September 26, 2005 6:12 PM, Blogger Jennifer Knits said…

    Hi Laurie! They fit! I am so glad. Thanks for being so nice about the socks - you made it really fun to be in a sock exchange. I will definitely be participating in the future and intend to keep practicing those socks skills :-)

  • At October 03, 2005 11:35 PM, Blogger Peacock said…

    Yay! wonderful socks!! Your toesies look so happy!!!


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