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Monday, October 10, 2005

eek i've been blogged!

and i don't know whether to be honored or embarrassed

[lol...probably more than a little of both...guess the embarrassment can't be too overwhelming since i'm blogging about the fact she's blogged me? ;-)]

Lynn Hershberger (a talented local artist) had a trunk show at the shop in early september, showcasing her hand-dyed yarns (definitely worth viewing) and polymer buttons. there were many lovely skeins that i would have loved to have added to my stash, but the one thing i couldn't put down was some laceweight wool/silk...so of course, it ended up 'following me home' ;-)

after some experimenting, the yarn decided (this one definitely had a mind of its own when it came to pattern!) that it wanted to become a Flower Basket Shawl...i was a little concerned about the variegation distracting from the pattern but it's working up beautifully. the yarn is wonderful to knit with as well and i'm really enjoying the project :-)

i sent lynn some pics of the shawl to date, and she asked to put them up on her blog...i'm really thrilled that she wanted to do so. it'll take me a while to complete this (especially since i have more WIPs than i can keep up with lol other projects i need to work on as well) but i'm hoping to be able to show her a finished shawl sometime in the near future :-)

thanks so much lynn!


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