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Saturday, November 19, 2005

a KAL with a difference...

"A 2 week Knit Along for the charity of your choice. November 16th-30th, 2005"

it finally dawned on me (i can be pretty damn thick sometimes lol) that knitting for the ebeneezer project would count for this, so i went ahead and signed up.

the items i turned in last night (monthly meeting) don't really count, but i figured the projects i have on needles still should. we've gotten a request for 50 hat/scarf sets in various sizes for Katrina survivors in our area, so that's been the main focus for a while now...we're also making 10" squares for afghans to be donated locally. of course, there's always things to be made for the dulaan box too, so i should have more than enough to keep me busy for (at least) 2 weeks ;-)

current projects (pictures when completed):
--a simple hat (from the ann budd book) and hopefully matching double knit scarf
--a black and white multidirectional scarf to go with the tychus hat just turned in (i can't seem to make scarves as fast as hats grr)
--a child's hat and scarf (if it works out properly...at the moment it seems to be biasing, which may be a lucky fluke turning into a cool design element) based on this pattern. i made this recently as a shop model and was intrigued by the stitch pattern...figured it could easily be made a little larger to fit an older child--we'll see! [edit: apparently i'm not the only one who had this scarf idea (though mine is narrower and will be shorter)...amy from knitty came up with this ages ago...so much for creativity ;-) at least i have confirmation that it will/does bias...]
--a pair of mittens in a stitch pattern that i'm not too sure about yet...if they're not too hideous they'll get donated to one or the other.

looks like i better get busy! ;-)


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