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the wooly-brained ramblings of a knitter and novice spinner... it may be 'a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing'...but it's mine ;-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

this offer expires at midnight tonight!

hurry hurry hurry if you want to get in!

alison is only taking participants thru midnight tuesday (EST)

wheeeeeeeeee lol (yes, of course that means i'm in *grin*)

Friday, January 20, 2006

warm fuzzies and misty eyes...

i think these sum up why i joined the brigade this year...Dulaan Photos

Monday, January 16, 2006

sheesh...late again

"A" is for...ASHFORD!
a is for...

(sorry for the poor quality of the photo...somehow i thought putting it up on the bed would be an easier shot, but i didn't think about it blending with the paneling!)

santa, with the assistance of a couple big sneaky elves, conspired to get me the wheel i'd planned to buy myself post-Christmas *very big grin*
apparently the majority of staff (and a number of customers lol) were all in cahoots, and knew this was going to be in my stocking...and not ONE of them let on!

needless to say i was stunned Christmas morning...

it seems that "A" is also for Alpaca, as that happened to be the first fiber i grabbed to test out my new toy ;-)

a is for...

this is charcoal Handspinner's Dream from Alpaca With A Twist, an incredibly soft, silky baby alpaca...probably not the smartest thing for me to start practicing with (i've not used a double treadle before, and it's a slick fiber), but it's sooooooooo lovely! i'm hoping to eventually get close to a consistent laceweight singles...wishful thinking? lol

i best start figuring out what i'm gonna use for "b" ;-)

Thursday, January 12, 2006

frogging IS a fact of life*


re-starting with a different pattern...the first just wasn't working out as nicely as previously thought...at least both projects are small! ;-)

*refers to a comment made on the EZasPi group list which was transformed into a line of products by the great folks at Artemis Imaging...well worth a look-see and purchase imho...the "legal stash" products are great too! :-)

Friday, January 06, 2006

who says they don't shrink when they get wet ;-)


pattern: Fiber Trends' "A Felt Flock"

yarn: handspun, un-dyed Bluefaced Leicester for the body, and Jacob for the ears, face and feet.

i spun singles finer than the yarn the pattern called for, as i was hoping it would felt down to Christmas ornament size (for the OrnaMental exchange)...it didn't quite work, but was pretty cute anyhow...so it got shipped off to Laura (along with a better sized ornament lol), where it is currently torturing her four-legged children ;-)

something tells me i'm gonna have to make myself one of these...

i'm right here, rox ;-) *

...just haven't been keeping up, blogwise (or anywhere else really, but we won't discuss that lol)

as someone pointed out, what one does on New Year's Day "sets" what one will be doing for the rest of the year...so of course, i started multiple projects ;-)

one for the wheel...

one long overdue *sigh* ...

one for the shop...

and even one for me lol

we'll see how long it takes me to get them all finished! ;-)

yes, surprisingly enough, i did start all of those (though i knit farther on a couple before i managed to get pictures taken) on january first...even made it to the shop for a little while, just to ensure i'd be spending time there, too (sorry guys, no luck keeping me away...told you you'd have to lock me out *grin*)

i'll try to get back into a more regular posting mode, and get caught up as well...soon...but not tonight lol

*this refers to a comment recently left...have to admit i'm a bit surprised anyone noticed ;-)